Lavera - "The truth"Lavera Naturkosmetik - 100% certified natural cosmetics

Lavera Naturkosmetik – from latin „la vera” meaning "the truth". A lovely translation for one dedication which is both philosophy and commitment. 

Already in 1987, Thomas Haase, a visionary man who turned his own life’s story into his mission, founded the company and introduced the brand LAVERA to the market. Suffering from neurodermatitis since his early childhood, he started already in his youth to look for alternative skin-care solutions and developed first care products for his own highly sensitive skin.

LAVERA's commitment to using the safest ingredients and willingness to push the boundaries of innovation continues to impress the natural beauty world. Thomas Haase is proud to offer safe and affordable beauty products for the whole family.

LAVERA manufactures and sells certified natural and organic skin care and cosmetics for over 25 years. One of Germany's top natural brands, LAVERA products meet the highest european natural skin care standards. With over 300 different products, there's something for everyone - from high performance organic anti-aging skin care, hair care, and customer favorite self tanners and sunscreens. 

25 years of Lavera natural cosmetics


Lavera Naturkosmetik - 100% certified natural cosmetics - Basis Sensitiv

LAVERA produces all products by themselves and develops new skin care formulas for a natural effect. Made in Germany, Hanover.

100% Natural fragrance composition. 

On the basis of essential oils, all LAVERA fragrances are composed by an own perfumer.

100 % certified products

LAVERA certifys their cosmetics as, from the beginning, they use organic ingredients and renewable resources.

No chemical preservatives

Durable products that offer 100% natural product safety - through the formulation developed by LAVERA.

Lavera Naturkosmetik - 100% certified natural cosmetics - winner Victoire de la Beauté in France 2012Naturalness

Since LAVERA has been in existence, only one thing counts: to produce genuine natural cosmetics. The standard for this is the most stringent possible: the guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics defined by the association BDIH (Association of German Industry and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, health care products, food supplements and personal hygiene products; registered association).

LAVERA products are tested and certified by the independent institute IMO Control (institute for market ecology). The LAVERA skin care and body care products are developed and manufactured according to these guidelines. For the hair care products, LAVERA uses nature-near raw materials that optimally combine effectiveness and naturalness.

Skin compatibility

Tests on people with sensitive skin confirm the optimal compatibility of LAVERA's products.


LAVERA offers genuine natural products with proven effectiveness. That is why LAVERA uses for example, plant-based liposomes for a measurable repair effects and hyaluronic acid for a noticeable enrichment of moisture in the skin.


Right from the very beginning, LAVERA has always looked for new and innovative avenues. LAVERA was the first world-wide to introduce the 100% mineral-based sun protection. LAVERA's sun-sprays were the first world-wide to be certified according to the stringent BDIH and NATRUE guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics.


Nothing provides a better measure than the incorruptible standards of independent testers and judges. That is why LAVERA refers with pleasure to the fact that LAVERA has already been awarded numerous times from OEKO-TEST with “very good“ and “good“.

At the world’s largest nature fair BioFach, LAVERA poducts have been at the forefront for years: In 2002 the innovative Sun Sensitiv Family Sun-Spray received second prize. In 2003 the Kids Sun-Spray won first prize and a special prize was awarded for the Sun Sensitiv Self-tanning Lotion. In 2012, LAVERA All-round Cream BASIS SENSITIV and LAVERA Cooling Eye Roll-on MY AGE won the prestigious French consumer Award "Victoire de la Beauté". (victory of the beauty)


Lavera Naturkosmetik - BDIH certification  Lavera Naturkosmetik - NATRUE certification   Lavera Naturkosmetik - VEGAN certification   Lavera Naturkosmetik - BIO certification (organic ingredients from Lavera's own production)

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