LILY LOLO - Mini 8 piece Brush Set

The best brushes in town are now available in a mini size and cute wrap for on-the-go applications. The durable case includes 8 super-soft brushes for eyes, lips and complexion, plus a pocket to keep everyday essentials organised.

Case Dimensions – approx. 17.5cm x 12cm x 3cm.

Lily Lolo Mini 8 piece Brush Set.

28,00 €

Case Dimensions – approx. 17.5cm x 12cm x 3cm.

8 brushes, for eyes, lips and complexion

- Vegan Friendly

- Travel Friendly


Brush Care:

To wash hold bristles pointing downwards in warm running water, gently lather with mild shampoo and rinse in clean running water, leave to dry naturally on its side to prevent water running into the ferrule.