DHC - Oil Blotting Paper

Made from 100 percent hemp. 

Natural mattifer

DHC Blotting Paper oil-absorbing sheets mattify your complexion and make cosmetic touch-ups a breeze. Conveniently packaged in a little attractive, take-anywhere box. Keep one in your purse, desk drawer and cosmetic bag for a shine-free face at a moment's notice.

Made with 100% all-natural hemp fibers.

Blotting Paper DHC. Mini booklet filled with 100 sheets.

5,50 €

- fragrance free, powder free

- mini booklet filled with 100 sheets



How to use:

Gently press one sheet of DHC Blotting Paper

against your face to reduce shine. Use as needed for touch-ups.


DHC - Beauty from Tokyo

DHC, the best of Japanese beauty. DHC's superior skincare line products are of the finest quality you’ll find anywhere. They are unique and effective, combining the best of nature and science to help you feel beautiful in your own skin.

The leading ingredient: olive oil extracted from organic Spanish olives that are handpicked when they are bursting with skin-beneficial nutrients.


Ingredients: Made from 100 percent hemp.

Made in Japan.