Nominoe - Organic face and body care from Brittany

Nominoë embodies a range of high-end ecological and organic cosmetics, evoking memories of long walks through the wild fields, countryside and sand dunes of Brittany, the west coast of France. The unknown gorse flower introduces Nominoë's face and body care products into a soft, poetic and sublime universe! This high end beauty brand presents unique, efficient and high quality products. Certified by ECOCERT et COSMEBIO. Nominoë products are tested under dematological control and are free of petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances. No animal testing. Packaging is recyclable.

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NOMINEE Philtre Parfait moisturizing rich Face Cream organic cosmetics from Brittany
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nominoe Philtre Parfait moisturizing rich Face Cream organic
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With rock samphire and gorse. The ideal face cream for dry and mature skin which keeps the skin hydrated, helps to fight free radicals and to activate the cell renewal process. The lightly scented gorse flower adds an innovative luxury fragrance note from Brittany to Philtre Parfait.


nominoe Gentle Foam Face Cleanser organic

NOMINOË's Gentle Foam Face Cleanser combines the relaxing and soothing properties of gorse water with active concentrated Breton plants especially selected for their antioxidant and invigorating properties.


nominoe Body Oil organic

With buckwheat, rock samphire and sesame oils. Nominoë's delicately, light perfumed dry body oil penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it, leaving the skin incredibly beautiful and silky and the senses indulged.


nominoe Philtre de Beauté moisturizing fluid Face Cream

Without water for a maximal concentration in active principles. The ideal light textured fluid Face Cream for normal to combination skin which helps to activate the process of cell renewal and to tighten the pores while intensively moisturizes the skin. A cream without water for a maximal concentration in active principles and an optimal conservation.