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Mask and face scrub are part of the weekly beauty routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Discover the gentle natural and organic masks and scrubs of Ami Iyök, Balm Balm, DHC, Joveda, Madara and Ren.

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madara-cosmetics Multitasking Treatment Set

Play with the most sought-after MADARA organic masks and combine their superpowers according to your skin needs. This set combines 4 trial size masks plus 2 complimentary booster ampoules. For all skin types.

Balm Balm - Starter Kit organic skincare
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balm-balm Starter Kit organic skincare
€20.00 €16.00

Perfect for travel, a gift or just to try Balm Balm's wonderful 100% Organic Facial range. Gorgeous mini versions of each of Balm Balm's Facial Range products and one muslin cloth in an organic cotton bag.


madara-cosmetics Travel Kit Fab Skin Jet Set

City-proof skincare for all skin types. London, Paris, Berlin, Riga, New York or Tokyo – outshine every city with MADARA's fabulous travel kit that will purify your skin, protect it from pollutants and boost hydration. 

DHC skincare Beauty Bento box set skincare essentials
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dhc-skincare Beauty Bento box set skincare essentials
€18.00 €15.30

Limited Edition DHC Beauty Bento is a box set featuring specially curated beauty essentials for cleansing, eye care and complexion touch-ups.


madara-cosmetics Duo Set Masks DETOX & AHA

A duo set of two of MADARA's most popular exfoliating and moisturizing face masks. MADARA's Deep Purifying DETOX Mask with Nordic forest lake mud cleaned, tightens pores and conditions, leaving skin fresh, matt and revitalised. Active organic AHA Peeling Mask gives instant radiance with a nature’s superdose of active acids.