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Mask and face scrub are part of the weekly beauty routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Discover the gentle natural and organic masks and scrubs of Ami Iyök, Balm Balm, DHC, Joveda, Madara and Ren.

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madara-cosmetics SOS Eye Revive Hydra Cream & Mask

The hydrating and calming organic eye contour SOS Hydra MADARA de-stresses and comforts a dry, taut eye area for an instantly refreshed look. Reinforces the skin barrier for protection and age-defying action. Its ultra-efficient natural two-in-one formula is perfect for urban skin, to use as an eye contour in the morning or as a mask in the evening after a stressful day.


madara-cosmetics SOS Hydra Mask Moisture + Radiance 60ml

Based on Northern peony extract, the new SOS INSTANT MOISTURE + RADIANCE HYDRA MASK provides strong skin moisturizing, conditioning, toning, smoothing and antioxidant effects, and protects the skin from environmental damage and premature ageing.