Sun care


With patent-pending stem cells from Northern dragonhead, hyaluronic acid and SPF-boosting raspberry seed oil, Madara’s zinc-oxide-based natural sunscreen delivers superb sun protection and skin restoring benefits. 

Forget chemical sunscreens or natural products that leave your skin white and sticky. After nearly 5 years of research, MÁDARA introduces safe and natural SPF-infused solutions without compromising silky smooth, luxury textures or creating a white oldschool coverage.

While the negative effects of UVB exposure appear right away as suntan or sunburn, the devastating impact of UVA rays is not initially visible, but shows up after years of careless exposure. MÁDARA SPF solutions combine broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with multiple skin care benefits – fully protected and intensely hydrated, your skin is less prone to dryness, negative impacts of urban pollution, premature ageing, pigmentation issues and irritation.

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