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Browse our gift ideas for your loved ones or to give yourself. We like to think each order on our website as a gift, for oneself or someone else. That’s why each parcel has a gift wrapping with a "liberty" cotton pouch, perfect to create custom gifts featuring your choice of organic and natural cosmetics. Enjoy!

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abbeyhorn Horn Pocket Comb double tooth Leather Case (13 cm)

Oxhorn comb 100% naturel & hand made. Pocket comb double tooth with black leather case. Abbeyhorn's Double-Tooth Pocket Comb does double-duty, with both widely and closely spaced teeth. This comb easily fits in the pocket, with a black leather pouch to keep it safe and clean. For men and women.


feret-parfumeur Metal Case for Bloc Hyalin

Metal case to keep your BLOC HYALIN Féret Parfumeur neat and protected


dr-bronner-s All-One Toothpaste Peppermint travel size

Fluoride-free - with Organic Oils. Dr. Bronner's All-One Toothpaste in traditional Peppermint flavor leaves your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue feeling fresh and clean, helps reducing plaque and whitening teeth while giving you minty fresh breath. Convenient travel size.

Unmei - Exalting Massage Candle vineyard-peach
  • Reduced price


unmei Exalting Massage Candle vineyard-peach
€12.00 €9.60

Unmei offers a new approach of massage with the Exalting Massage Candle and its delicate scent of vineyard-peach. The sweet and fresh fragrance mixed with the creamy texture of coconut oil will restore softness and glow to your skin through this massage really different. Delicious, energizing and so good for your skin... and fun!

Lotion Botanique Féret Parfumeur Body lotion travel size spray 25ml
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feret-parfumeur Lotion Botanique Body lotion travel size spray 25ml
€6.50 €4.90

An exquisite 100% natural body lotion for men and women. Nourishing, hydrating and moisturising. Made with essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender and mixed flower honey. Perfect for after the shower. Mini size, perfect for travelling


abbeyhorn Small Horn Pocket Comb single tooth 10,5 cm

Oxhorn comb 100% naturel & hand made. Single tooth. A small but charming comb, perfect for newborns, a jacket pocket or your purse. This hand crafted oxhorn comb has gently curving tips to the wide spaced teeth making it especially kind on fragile scalps whilst gently stimulating the follicles to promote hair growth.


abbeyhorn Small Horn Pocket Comb single tooth (9 cm)

Oxhorn comb 100% naturel and hand made. Single tooth. A cute little comb ideal for babies, the top pocket of your jacket or your handbag. Hand made from cow horn this comb has wide spaced teeth with smooth rounded ends which is particularly kind to delicate scalps.