MADARA organic cosmetics Deep Moisture Fluid Cream Ecocert Natural beauty

Protect and moisturize your skin daily with our selection of hydrating natural & organic skin care, that respects and deeply nourishes your skin. These special care formulas, using only pure ingredients target normal skin type.

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dhc-skincare Mild Soap

A gentle yet effective, hydrating beauty bar made with nourishing olive oil and honey. Its skin-softening lather removes fine impurities and helps maintain your complexion’s natural moisture balance so it feels clean – never tight or stripped.


madara-cosmetics White Clay & Blackberry Clarifying Face Soap

A new approach to facial skin care. Clear and beaming skin, day by day, from purifying white clay and the tannins in blackberry. MADARA creamy clarifying soap delivers the freshness of the Nordic forest in a botanical soap base combined with nourishing wheat germ oil which helps skin retain its moisture.


clemence-vivien La Vahiné handmade moisturizing soap

For sensitive skin, feminine, especially designed for face wash. The natural soap La Vahiné gives a radiant and summery skin. Pink clay, which has a long tradition in the French cosmetics, gently cleanses and has a soothing effect on the skin.


madara-cosmetics Birch & Algae Balancing Face Soap

A new approach to facial skin care. Vitamins and minerals of Nordic birch and algae balance the skin, while botanical soap base gently cleanses and washes away all impurities. Enriched with the skin nourishing wheat germ oil and plant sugars helping the skin to retain its moisture.