LILY LOLO - Concealer Brush

Softly shaped Concealer Brush Lily Lolo gives precise application with Lily Lolo's Mineral Concealers and Colour Correctors, allowing maximum coverage in those delicate under eye and nose areas.

Overall size approximately 17,5 cm.

Lily Lolo Concealer Brush.

9,00 €

- Superbly soft yet firm in order to give the desired coverage from a concealer or colour corrector

- Effortlessly reaching small and delicate eye and nose areas to blend to a seamless finish

- Ideal to be used with all of Lily Lolo's Concealers and Colour Correctors

- Synthetic Hair

- Vegan friendly

- Overall size approximately 17,5 cm

Application Tip: 

Pick up a small amount of concealer onto your brush - tap to remove excess powder, buff into the skin using small circular motions.

Brush Care: To wash hold bristles pointing downwards in warm running water, gently lather with mild shampoo and rinse in clean running water, leave to dry naturally on its side to prevent water running into the ferrule.