ABBEYHORN - Small Horn Pocket Comb single tooth (9 cm)

Oxhorn comb 100% naturel & hand made. Single tooth.


Perfect for the pocket, purse or babies

A cute little comb ideal for babies, the top pocket of your jacket or your handbag. Hand made from cow horn this comb has wide spaced teeth with smooth rounded ends which is particularly kind to delicate scalps.

Horn combs benefit the hair in many ways: the horn collects the natural oils of the scalp then helps to distribute it throughout the hair, leaving it shiny and full of body. This natural oil will also help to keep the horn nourished. Horn combs have the added benefit of reducing static – perfect for those suffering from flyaway hair when using plastic combs.

Abbeyhorn's combs are handcrafted from natural Oxhorn and each comb has its own unique, natural pattern. The color of each item may vary from the photograph. The combs have been made from specially selected horn. No animals are killed solely for their horn, which is a byproduct of the meat industry.

Size: 25 x 90 mm. Made in Britain.

Small Horn Pocket Comb single tooth (9 cm) Abbeyhorn.

12,50 €

Since natural horn and natural hair are both comprised almost entirely of kerotin the Natural Horn Comb does not generate static electricity and helps control fly-away hair.

The smoothly rounded horn is kinder to both the scalp and hair gently cleaning and polishing the hair with each passA horn comb will help keep the hair nourished, healthy, sleek and shiny.


Every item is unique - no two combs will ever be alike. The comb you receive may differ in colour slightly to the one shown. Colours can range from solid black to completely translucent, with every shade and stripe inbetween.

Abbeyhorn - since 1749

Abbeyhorn, a long history of excellence

Established in 1749, Abbeyhorn has been making high-quality horn products in England for more than 250 years.

Abbeyhorn is still using traditional craftsmanship and skilled horn carvers, with each piece originating from the firm’s base in Lancashire, North West England. Abbeyhorn utilises only the most beautiful and refined natural horns for their creations, that are both captivating and functional. The compositional aspects of horn allow for myriad visual differences, along with smoothly finished textures that are pleasing to the touch. 

Abbeyhorn makes use of natural materials. The raw supplies are sourced ethically from renewable resources in Africa, where the horns are a by-product of the Nigerian beef industry. Horn combs are biodegradable, making a truly ecological product.



Product Care

Abbeyhorn’s products have been designed to be used and appreciated, as well as to look beautiful. Remember the material of your comb is a natural, organic substance that has been living and growing for many years. By following a few simple guidelines you can keep your pieces looking as shimmering and glossy as the day you bought them – handled with the correct care these objects can last and be enjoyed for a lifetime.



- Hand wash items

- Only use tepid water

- Use a very mild soap

- Rub gently with a soft cloth

- Towel dry immediately


- Never leave items soaking in water

- Do not use hot or boiling water

- Never place items in a microwave or dishwasher

- Avoid chemicals, strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers

- Do not let horn-ware come in contact with sharp utensils

Additional Care

From time to time your comb will benefit from a little extra care. Using a soft cloth sprinkled with a little vegetable oil wipe over the item in the direction of the grain. Buff using a soft lint-free cloth – this will restore the lustre and preserve the natural beauty of the horn.


Do not display horn in direct sunlight, under bright lights, near heat, air-conditioning units, or near windows and exterior walls. This will protect the horn from fading and help avoid any cracking or movement. Horn is naturally grainy and has the ability to swell if exposed to too much moisture. It is wise to keep items in an environment that is dry and will not have extreme temperature changes. 

Causes of Damage

Insects can damage horn

Extreme or rapid fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause small changes in dimensions of horn which can lead to cracking

Liquids such as cleaning solution or even soaking in water can also cause damage

Most importantly, please use your hornware!


Handmade in Britain.