Masks & Peeling

If your skin feels stressed, dry or tight, this might be a sign of dehydration - reduced moisture level of the skin. Dehydration is a common skin problem caused by environmental damage, irritating products and aging. It can be treated with a healthy diet and skincare that balances moisture levels and strengthens the barrier of the skin. Dry and very dry skin may loose its elastic qualities and dead cells do not slough off as quickly, leaving you with dull skin that has lost its glow. Dry skin has to be deeply moisturized and nourished. Use a gentle exfoliating face scrub to soften and smooth away dryness and pamper your skin with a deeply nourishing mask once a week. Discover our organic masks containing plant-based active ingredients developed by the brands Ami Iyök, DHC, Joveda, Madara et Ren.

Madara Masks & Peeling Dry skin