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Your skin can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T- zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Combination skin requires specific facial products and care to handle.

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konjac-sponge-co Konjac Sponge Puff with Added French Green Clay

The Konjac Sponge Puff with Added French Green Clay is the perfect facial sponge for normal to combination or oily T-Zone skin. A great sponge, for encouraging cell regeneration and detoxifying the skin. French green clay is used at the finest spas. This clay contains micro molecules which absorb dirt, oil, and bacteria, while gently cleansing and exfoliating the pores. Green Clay has been widely used as an effective facial cleansing cream for centuries owing to its strong antibacterial function. 

MADARA Birch & Algae Balancing Face Soap
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madara-cosmetics Birch & Algae Balancing Face Soap
€7.95 €5.95

A new approach to facial skin care. Vitamins and minerals of Nordic birch and algae balance the skin, while botanical soap base gently cleanses and washes away all impurities. Enriched with the skin nourishing wheat germ oil and plant sugars helping the skin to retain its moisture.


joveda Matifying Sandalwood Day Cream

This natural Ayurvedic skincare protects and matifies the skin thanks to the Sandalwood and Carrot extracts. Joveda's shine-free and non-greasy Matifying Sandalwood Day Cream helps normalize sebum secretion from the first application. The complexion is clear and unified. Balanced, the skin remains soft and matte all day.


madara-cosmetics Purifying Foam

A rich and soft foam with Northern Yarrow extract deeply and gently purifies the skin. Removes make-up. Regulates oily zones while soothing dry areas. Skin feels refreshed and soft. Suitable for use around the eyes.


joveda Tea Tree Face Wash 120ml tube

Joveda Tea Tree Face Wash has been specifically developed for combination, oily and blemished skin. Enriched with natural antiseptics (Tea Tree and Neem), it cleanses and purifies the skin with respect, without drying it out thanks to its gentle cleansing base.


soapwalla-deodorant Activated Charcoal & Petitgrain Soap Bar

Soapwalla's jet-black bar is like liquid velvet and is ideal for all skin types, especially blemish-prone and combination skin. Activated bamboo charcoal gently exfoliates, softens, and balances oily skin. A custom blend of petitgrain and tea tree essential oils gently yet deeply cleanse, and help to nurture smoother, clearer skin.


madara-cosmetics Sun Flower Golden Beige Tinting Fluid mini 15ml

Best suited for warmer skin tones. Tints, illuminates and evens out your skin tone. Northern Rose Hip extract and natural pigments instantly hydrate and perfect the skin’s appearance.


madara-cosmetics Multitasking Treatment Set

Play with the most sought-after MADARA organic masks and combine their superpowers according to your skin needs. This set combines 4 trial size masks plus 2 complimentary booster ampoules. For all skin types.


madara-cosmetics Deep Moisture Fluid

Normal and combination skin. Offers up to 24 hours intense hydration with invigorating Northern Raspberry and Red Clover extracts. The ultra-light, easily absorbed formulation helps to normalise combination skin by balancing out oily and dry areas for a more even skin tone.


joveda Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion

Joveda’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion is ideal for combination, normal to oily and sensitive skin. It’s lightweight and fluid texture makes it easy to apply and allows appropriate hydration* of the most complex skin types without leaving an oily finish. (*Upper layers of the epidermis).


balm-balm Organic Muslin Face Cloth pack of 3

Balm Balm Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth to enhance your cleansing routine and leave your skin feel polished & pampered. Made from light weight organic muslin that will quickly dry between uses.

They are each approximately 32cm square. (It does vary as all cut by human hand in Bexhill on Sea)

Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloth. 100% cotton. Pack of 3.


ren-skincare Micro Polish Cleanser

A two-in-one gentle foaming cream cleanser washes away dirt and make-up while micro beads of Amber Powder buff away dead skin cells and polish the skin’s surface to reveal brighter, healthy, radiant skin.

Ami Iyök - Iyök Balance Balancing Face Cream certified organic Natrue
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ami-iyok-ecosmetics Iyok Balance Balancing Face Cream
€93.00 €74.40

A cream for combination-oily skin types, designed to balance the skin's pH level, producing an astringent effect on oil-prone areas and deeply nourishing the driest areas, thereby restoring the skin's homogeneity. This is achieved through the combination of Aloe Vera, a powerful astringent and skin balancer.


ami-iyok-ecosmetics Green Shaman Organic Facial Cleanser Gel

For daily use without sulphates cleanses, removes make-up, restores and detoxifies the skin, containing only organic ingredients in an oil-based gel. Gently cleanses without irritating the skin, respecting its protective layer thanks to active ingredients such as the exotic micro-algae Spirulina, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and pigments that constitute an excellent active.


madara-cosmetics Balancing Toner

Normal and Combination skin. This refreshing and regulating toner returns imbalanced skin back to its healthy state. Helps to renew the skin’s natural protective layer, deeply tones and conditions, minimises pores, regulates the skin’s natural pH balance and boosts the effects of moisturiser.


ren-skincare Clarimatte T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel

A purifying, antibacterial facial cleansing gel for skin that is prone to oiliness and breakouts.


joveda Papaya Face Scrub

The extreme efficiency of Joveda's natural Papaya Face Scrub is due to its unique formulation, both exfoliating, purifying and smoothing. Acting as a natural micro-peeling, it removes impurities and tonifies skin texture, thanks to the combined power of walnut shell powder and kaolin (a purifying white clay).

NOMINEE Gentle Foam Face Cleanser organic cosmetics from Brittany
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nominoe Gentle Foam Face Cleanser organic
€12.80 €9.80

NOMINOË's Gentle Foam Face Cleanser combines the relaxing and soothing properties of gorse water with active concentrated Breton plants especially selected for their antioxidant and invigorating properties.

lily-lolo Natural BB Cream light

Light is ideal for light skin tones. Perfect your look with Lily Lolo's silicone free Beauty Balm, packed with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients and mineral pigments to help blur imperfections even skintone. Ideal for light coverage when used alone for healthy looking, radiant skin. Can also be applied before your foundation for added coverage and longevity.


ren-skincare Clarimatte™ Duo Cleanser & T-Zone Balancing Gel Cream

Getting oily skin back under control. You’ll get REN's decongesting sulphate-free T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel featuring Blue Cypress Oil to reduce sensitivity, while REN Balancing Gel Cream, purifies, mattifies and protects. Utilising Japanese Konjac to reduce sebum.  


madara-cosmetics Starter Set Become Organic

Choose to Become Organic with three of MADARA's most loved skincare products: Purifying Foam, Deep Moisture Fluid and Regenerating Night Cream.


madara-cosmetics SOS Hydra Recharge Cream

An intense moisture-locking cream infused with age-defying antioxidants of Northern Baltic peony, linseed and hyaluronic acid. Hydrates, replenishes and calms dehydrated and stressed skin to restore youthful radiance. Acts as a protective layer against environmental damage, this soft-textured cream reduces the look of fine lines, and promotes optimal hydration.


joveda Tea Tree Face Wash 500ml

Joveda Tea Tree Face Wash has been specifically developed for combination, oily and blemished skin. Enriched with natural antiseptics (Tea Tree and Neem), it cleanses and purifies the skin with respect, without drying it out thanks to its gentle cleansing base.


madara-cosmetics Ultra Purifying Mud Mask Detox 60ml

Madara's Deep Purifying Detox Mask with Nordic forest lake mud cleans, tightens pores and conditions, leaving skin fresh, matt and revitalised. Mud contains biologically active fulvic and humic acids that are necessary for the human body. They prevent skin aging, smooth your skin and promote its regeneration.


madara-cosmetics Moon Flower Rose Beige Tinting Fluid 15ml

Best suited for cooler skin tones. Tints, illuminates and evens out your skin tone. Northern Rose Hip extract and natural pigments instantly hydrate and perfect the skin’s appearance.


madara-cosmetics Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk Scrub 12,5ml

Forget harsh scrubs! MADARA luxurious and rich oil-based exfoliating formula smoothly transforms into a delicate milk to gently cleanse, soften and renew the skin without stripping natural moisture. Apricot and oat oil molecules bind the dirt and impurities, while natural and gentle wax micro-beads help to relieve clogged pores, buff-off dead cells and polish the skin. Stimulates natural cell turnover. Convenient mini size - perfect for traveling.


madara-cosmetics Brightening AHA Peel Mask 60ml

MADARA's active organic AHA Peeling Mask gives instant radiance with a nature’s superdose of active acids. Fruit acids and vitamin C from Quince fruit, blended with hydrating lactic acid and soothing Elderflower provides efficient exfoliation for bright, radiant and smoothed skin.


ami-iyok-ecosmetics Oceanik Mask Purifying Mask organic

Ami Iyök's Oceanik Mask is formulated to purify, regenerate, nourish and oxygenate skin, as well as to restore skin tone. The active ingredients from the ocean and the land afford a series of unique properties.


madara-cosmetics Clarifying Toner

Oily and Combination skin. Deeply exfoliates clogged and oily skin. The astringent toner purifies, reduces shine, minimises pores, prevents blemishes and regulates the skin’s natural pH balance. 


madara-cosmetics SMART Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Repair Mask 60ml

Anti-pollution repair mask with charcoal and mud. Purifies and promotes skin cell renewal. Removes impurities and pollution buildup. Delivers a superdose of age-correcting vitamin A, skin-perfecting vitamin B3 (niacin), 17 amino acids and essential minerals that work to reduce the first signs of ageing and recharge the skin with energy and glow.