UNIQUE Haircare styling hair natural hair beauty organic fair-trade Ecocert

Designed and produced in Denmark, Unique Haircare styling products are made with certified organic ingredients locally sourced form Danish agriculture as well as fair trade ingredients. They add hold and structure for natural beautiful hair. No animal testing. Certified by Ecocert and Cruelty Free International.

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UNIQUE Haircare

unique-haircare Sea Salt Spray

Adds a touch of windblown salt water look to your hair together with the intoxicating scent of a Scandinavian wildflower field. It also adds hold and structure. Set your mind free and create trendy looks by using the Sea Salt Spray in wet or dry hair.

UNIQUE Haircare

unique-haircare Curl Styling Cream

This lightweight fragrance-free curl cream defines the curls and leaves them frizz-free. The Curl Styling Cream nourishes the hair and leaves the curls soft, bouncy and with nice volume.

UNIQUE Haircare

unique-haircare Fragrance Free Hairspray

Offers extra strong hold. This organic hair spray allows you to create the look you want – making sure that it stays in place. It adds a long-lasting hold to your hair, whilst allowing your hair to move naturally. It is based on organic aloe vera and natural styling ingredients.

UNIQUE Haircare

unique-haircare Vitamin F Hair Oil

Unique Haircare Vitamin F Hair Oil gives the hair a smooth, soft feel for a naturally beautiful shine. This particularly lightweight organic hair care product is suitable for all hair types as it is easily and quickly absorbed. 

UNIQUE Haircare

unique-haircare Argan Hair Oil

UNIQUE Haircare unscented organic Argan Hair Oil takes optimally care of dry, color-treated and damaged hair. Can be used on both wet and dry hair.

UNIQUE Haircare

unique-haircare Omega 3 Scalp & Hair Oil

UNIQUE Haircare organic Omega 3 Oil for Hair and Scalp contains vitalizing mint that helps to stimulate the scalp's blood circulation. Mint also stimulates the hair follicles, while rosemary serves to strengthen the hair.


feret-parfumeur The Balm Rose Fragrance Le Baume 50ml

Moisturizes, soothes and repairs. Face, lips and hands. Use of this unique balm will prevent chapping, cracked and dry, tight skin. Féret's 100% natural balm made with organic honey and dandelion hydrates and calms damaged skin. It ensures soft, smooth and perfumed skin.