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Natural cleansers create the perfect balance of mildness, effective cleansing, scalp and skin nourishment and protection. Discover Officina's selection of natural body washes that protect the skin and the environment with the brands Clémence & Vivien, Dr. Bronner's, Madara.

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clemence-vivien L'Emir handmade moisturizing soap

Woody and tonic cold saponified soap, natural and super fatted, handmade in France. The Emir asserts his virility while revealing a creamy foam. An iron hand in a velvet glove.... You don't feel tight thanks to the moisturizing glycerin. In addition, it is full of good organic essential oils fully preserved and it is ecological.


clemence-vivien Le Gecko handmade moisturizing soap

Balancing, purifying and exfoliating: Gecko makes you do a makeover! For a gentle exfoliation lavished with just the right amount of poppy seeds, green clay cleans and purifies the skin. Ultra-rich organic hemp oil, highly penetrating, balances the skin and soothes redness.


dr-bronner-s Organic Liquid Soap Tea Tree 60ml - 2 oz.

Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps heal cuts and bruises as well as skin conditions like acne dermatitis ans psoriasis. Gently clean both your hair and body using this multi-purpose, vegetable-based soap that's USDA Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade. It's free of synthetic foaming agents, thickeners and preservatives. Dr Bronner's cult classic liquid soap is a must have in every bathroom. Convenient travel size.


joveda Tea Tree Face Wash 500ml

Joveda Tea Tree Face Wash has been specifically developed for combination, oily and blemished skin. Enriched with natural antiseptics (Tea Tree and Neem), it cleanses and purifies the skin with respect, without drying it out thanks to its gentle cleansing base.


dr-bronner-s 4 organic Bar Soaps

4 Organic Bar Soaps Dr. Bronner's. The classic, 100% biodegradable blend creates a soft, lavish lather with certified organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils blended with organic pure essential oils. It's free of synthetic foaming agents, thickeners and preservatives, while being three times stronger than most soap on the market. Dr Bronner's cult classic soap is a must have in every bathroom.