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Natural cleansers create the perfect balance of mildness, effective cleansing, scalp and skin nourishment and protection. Discover Officina's selection of natural body washes that protect the skin and the environment with the brands Clémence & Vivien, Dr. Bronner's, Madara.

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madara-cosmetics VOLCANO Scrub Soap

Madara's energizing Scrub Soap with volcanic minerals and natural cedar-lime fragrance gently removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin refreshed. The skin is nourished, clarified and wrapped in bright, uplifting notes of cedar and lime. The organic soap is based on natural coconut oil. Free from Sulfate, palm oil and micro plastic. 100% biodegradable.


madara-cosmetics Oat & Camomile Gentle Wash Baby & Kids

Cleanses and cares for delicate skin from the first days of life with soothing camomile and cleansing oats. Soft foam will make the body, hands and face clean and happy.


madara-cosmetics Cloudberry & Oat Milk Hand & Body Soap

MADARA's organic soap for body and hands soothes the skin with oat milk proteins and the valuable polyvitamins of Northern cloudberry. The botanical base of the soap is enriched with nourishing jojoba oil and hydrating plant sugars which gently cleanse and care for the skin.


dr-bronner-s Organic Bar Soap Almond

Almond - a delicious warm scent. The classic, 100% biodegradable blend creates a soft, lavish lather with certified organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils blended with organic pure essential oils. It's free of synthetic foaming agents, thickeners and preservatives, while being three times stronger than most soap on the market. Dr Bronner's cult classic soap is a must have in every bathroom.


dr-bronner-s Organic Liquid Soap Rose 475ml - 16 oz.

The Rose soap with its beautifully blended natural essential oils has an elegant and romantic traditional feel. Gently clean both your hair and body using this multi-purpose, vegetable-based soap that's USDA Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade. The organic orange, lemon, and lime stimulate the skin and invigorate the body, resulting in a truly refreshing shower experience.


joveda Tea Tree Face Wash 500ml

Joveda Tea Tree Face Wash has been specifically developed for combination, oily and blemished skin. Enriched with natural antiseptics (Tea Tree and Neem), it cleanses and purifies the skin with respect, without drying it out thanks to its gentle cleansing base.


madara-cosmetics Cranberry & Juniper Hand & Body Soap

Dive into the Nordic forest! MADARA's organic soap for body and hands purifies and nourishes the skin with the vitality of cranberry and the freshness of juniper. The botanical base of the soap purifies while the jojoba oil nourishes the skin, leaving it full of energy.