Eye Makeup

Check out ALL TIGERS' range of multi-purpose eyeshadow pencils, eyeliner and intense mascaras. Intense, long-lasting colors. Natural & vegan formulas infused with organic plant oils. Safe for sensitive eyes.

Des Fards à Paupières multi usage 3-en-1 aux couleurs intenses et longue tenue, Eyeliner, Mascara... maquillage naturel et vegan ALL TIGERS.

The innovative make-up range consists of kiss-resistant liquid lipsticks, multi-purpose eyeliner pens, long-lasting nail polishes and mascara that does not drip or stain.

Check out ALL TIGERS' range of multi-purpose eyeshadow pencils, eyeliner and intense mascara. Intense, long-lasting colors. Natural & vegan formulas infused with organic plant oils. Safe for sensitive eyes.

Safe for sensitive eyes.

Check out ALL TIGERS' range of multi-purpose eyeshadow pencils, eyeliner and mascara - intense, long-lasting colors, natural and vegan formulas enriched with organic plant oils. Safe for sensitive eyes.

  —superb colors, advanced plant-science, and skin-loving ingredients.

highly pigmented 

enriched with organic plant oils

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