SOS Hydra

Does your skin feel stressed, dry or tight? This might be a sign of dehydration - reduced moisture level of the skin. Dehydration is a common skin problem caused by environmental damage, irritating products and aging. It can be treated with a healthy diet and skincare that balances moisture levels and strengthens the barrier of the skin. The MADARA SOS HYDRATION formulas are infused with moisture-binding and moisture-locking ingredients that stabilise the hydro-balance of the skin, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and increase water reserves in the skin. Madara's SOS line is based on the exquisite, antioxidant-rich northern peony. It intensely hydrates and has powerful age-defying properties. MADARA SOS HYDRATION products provide instant moisturising and smoothing effects as well as a dramatic increase in skin hydration after 4 weeks of use, restoring the skin’s radiant glow.

Madara organic skincare SOS Hydra

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