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  • Féret Parfumeur Candle Rose & Honey Soothing
  • Féret Parfumeur Soothing Candle Rose & Honey natural
  • Féret Parfumeur Soothing Candle Rose & Honey natural
  • Soothing Candle Rose & Honey Féret Parfumeur

Soothing Candle Rose & Honey

€29.00 VAT included

Handcrafted Rose and Honey Candle is made from 100% ethically sourced vegetal wax. Each burn will illicit a beautiful powdery rose and honey scent that has its provenance in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. Environmentally friendly and pollution free this premium candle has no toxic effects. 

CONTENANCE: 180gr Candle - 6,3 fl.oz. 

Completely natural candle Féret Parfumeur is made from ethical sourced vegetal (soy, rice) wax, selected to achieve the highest quality candle performance.

Vegetal wax burns more cleanly and efficiently than traditional paraffin waxes and is perfect base for the natural fragrance from Grasse.

- 100% vegetal wax

- Paraffin free

- Burns for approximately 40 hours.

- 100% natural fragrance from Grasse

- Environmentally friendly and pollution free, no toxic effects.

- Handcrafted in France

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Keep away from children and animals. Regulary trim the wick.

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